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Light Touch Acupoint Therapy


Chisongzi or Master Redpine,

a renowned Daoist qi master

Light Touch Acupoint Therapy is an alternative way to balance the acupuncture meridian system of the body using very light touch at the acupoints instead of needles. It uses gentle finger contact on particular sequences of acupoints where it is considered to balance and harmonise life energy or qi.

Acupoint therapy can be considered to be less invasive than acupuncture because there are no needles involved. Hence children or people who are of an nervous or anxious disposition may prefer this approach rather than needles. The choice of therapy can be discussed on the first consultation.

It differs from other types of acupressure such as shiatsu and deeper massage techniques on the acupoints in that the qi may be experienced directly by both the practitioner and recipient. This is because the quality of attention, in addition to the touch technique and therapeutic effects are quite different.

Light touch acupoint therapy uses sequences of points, held in pairs, to regulate different aspects of the energetic system of the body.

Ming dynasty chart of the pericardium meridian
The theoretical principles on which light touch acupoint therapy is based can be traced back to Daoist health promotion practices which existed in China more than 2,000 years ago.

Until the 20th century when these healing arts were ‘rediscovered’, these healing methods had survived intact by being passed down within families or retained within Daoist and Buddhist monasteries for the purposes of spiritual development.

Whether practising or receiving, many people find that light touch acupoint therapy opens up their awareness of their own subtle energy or qi.

In my clinic I offer this as a treatment and healing modality which can be used to complement and enhance other therapies.

If you are a holistic healthcare practitioner and you wish to deepen your understanding of subtle energy (qi) and the body network of meridians and acupoints (the Jingluo system), a Light Touch Acupoint Healing Workshop could expand your horizons. These workshops are primarily for people who have experienced subtle energy bodywork and have worked with the acupoint and meridian system. For further information, contact me.

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