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Paintings, presentations and articles
All Material by Christopher Low

Here is a selection of original work by me since 1995.

The presentations and articles will give an indication of my current thinking on topics which interest me the most within the field of wholistic therapies, Chinese medicine and healing.

A large proportion of this material remains at the forefront of current knowledge in healing and therapeutics, so it can be considered relevant and up-to-date.

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Chaos Theory
Perfectly organised chaos: acupuncture as the model for a mediating function in therapeutics
A concise view of the healing properties of acupuncture and the meridian system using key ideas from the new science of complexity.
Reference: Low C (1996) European Journal of Oriental Medicine, 2 (No.1)18-25.
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Healing with Qi
Tracking and Mapping the Qi in Qigong Healing
This groundbreaking new therapeutic perspective was presented in 2009 to a Healer’s Convention in Oslo, Norway.
Powerpoint file.  Click to download

Healing and Chaos
Healing intention and external qi: the chaos connection
This eye-catching presentation provides a plausible explanation for the reputed healing properties of external qi using key ideas from chaos theory.  It was presented at the British Acupuncture Council Annual Conference in 2010 at the Royal Holloway College, London.
Powerpoint file.  Click to download

Energy Medicine and Heart Rate Variability

Systems theory: tracking and mapping healing with qi
A condensed account of an innovative clinical research project I undertook in 2001 as part of my PhD thesis.  It reveals how heartbeat rhythms can be used to detect and track the impact of daoyin healing – an early form of external healing with qi from the daoist healing arts tradition.  In 2011 it was published as a chapter in the acclaimed book: Energy Medicine East and West: A Natural History of Qi.
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